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GX vs GX AXS Review


Last summer,  I picked up two of the Axs upgrade kits.  One for my summer bike, an Orbea Oiz, and another kit for my new winter bike a Farley 9.6.  Both bikes came with normal GX system. My biggest concern was upgrading the Farley to the AXS system. How would the battery hold up to a Minnesota winter ride?

So I’ve waiting to write anything about the AXS system until I had some serious miles on both bikes that use this system.  It’s been about a year on this system with my Orbea and 5 months with my Farley. 

The SRAM GX groupset is a popular and affordable option for mountain bikers who want reliable shifting performance without breaking the bank. The GX groupset includes a range of components, including the GX rear derailleur, shifter, cassette, and chain. 

Compared to the standard GX groupset, the GX AXS groupset offers several benefits. First, the wireless electronic shifting allows for quick, precise, and consistent gear changes. Second, the AXS system offers customization options, such as the ability to program different shift modes and to pair with a compatible app for even more customization. Finally, the lack of cables and housing can result in a cleaner-looking bike with less maintenance required.

In terms of performance, the GX AXS groupset has received positive reviews for its smooth and reliable shifting, particularly in challenging terrain. Some riders have also noted that the wireless electronic shifting is more intuitive and requires less effort than the traditional mechanical shifting of the standard GX groupset.

Basically, GX AXS is a GX without the wires. 

Well I had a full season of riding this past winter. The AXS system is blew me away on both bikes. The shifts during the winter were extremely fast.  The battery didn’t die once on a ride.  I did buy three extra batteries, and I swapped them out at the beginning of each ride.  

Would I go back go back to the standard GX system?  The only time I would think about going back would be if I had an extended winter bike session,  say Arrowhead 135.  

I’m done upgrading my bikes for awhile,  but I would be curious how the new Sram transmission system compares to the AXS system.  

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